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Video || Biden fumbles, recovers, fumbles, runs for the sidelines

What the hell happened here? He’s got a teleprompter, for goodness sake.

Or maybe the teleprompter wasn’t working. Because when the mind is not working, the teleprompter simply has to be working.

6 thoughts on “Video || Biden fumbles, recovers, fumbles, runs for the sidelines”

  1. Pity for what he’s become and anger for those who keep him going.
    All of us elders fear that we might lose some mental capacity, even to the smallest degree. There’s no cure, no vaccine to help avoid the loss.
    Families don’t usually push their elders out in public when it’s obvious that mental faculties have diminished, but the Bidens/Dems don’t seem to care how this plays out here in fly-over country.

  2. You hear the verbal crutches – “Look” and others — this man before could talk and talk (still not really say anything) and now you see that he is not really all there. How can he be the candidate?

    It is sad that a party could not come up with a better candidate — Oh well — hopefully Trump gets 4 more years.

  3. The more Plugs speaks publicly the clearer it becomes that he is nothing more than a puppet head. Who is running the show behind the curtain? My guess is Val, and her muslin brotherhood friends. I don’t think it is Jug Ears Barack the Magic Negro, because Val ran him too.

  4. I really feel sorry for the Biden. The Democrats have done a shameful thing in making him their candidate, which puts him in the limelight and open to ridicule because of a health condition over which he has no control.

  5. Ok, forgive my pettiness. But it is July and the man is wearing a cardigan sweater ala Fred Rogers…. with apologies to Fred Rogers… in fact, give me Fred Rogers…bless his heart. Unless you are on the very north coast of Maine, who wears a long sleeve shirt and full sweater this time of year….. I know this is petty but it speaks to his frailty, does it not?

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