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John Solomon: Durham indictments likely around Labor Day

U.S. Attorney John Durham is moving toward indictments in his probe of the investigation into the investigators of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, according to investigative reporter John Solomon.

According to the Washington Examiner, which picked up his remarks on Fox:

“My sources tell me there’s a lot of activity. I’m seeing, personally, activity behind the scenes of the Justice Department,” Solomon said on Tuesday, adding that Durham’s team “is trying to bring those first indictments, and I would look for a time around Labor Day to see the first sort of action by the Justice Department.”

Solomon insisted that he is “seeing a lot of activity consistent with building prosecutions and preparing for criminal plea bargains,” but also acknowledged that none of this may lead to anything.

“That doesn’t mean it’ll happen,” Solomon said. “Until someone signs and until they bring them before the grand jury. You never know if it’s going to happen.”

2 thoughts on “John Solomon: Durham indictments likely around Labor Day”

  1. Yawn. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here Charlie Brown, come kick that football Lucy is holding. She pinkie-promises not to pull it away this time.

    One thing I have begun to notice: the longer a prosecutor forces a Grand Jury to sit, it means the prosecutor does not intend to ever allow an indictment against that government employee to escape the room. Until the Grand Jury members all agree to No-Bill, the prosecutor will keep them there and bore them to tears day after day.

    1. Unless high ranking people (Obama, Biden, Cabinet, FBI, CIA leaders) are named & arrested & prosecuted… this will be another let down :-(

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