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Trump officially withdraws US from the World Health Organization

The White House did not officially announce that the United States was withdrawing from the corrupt, China-coddling World Health Organization.

Instead, it notified Congress, and Congress notified everyone else.

Sen. Bob Menendez, the senior Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, tweeted out the news. And he’s not too happy.


4 thoughts on “Trump officially withdraws US from the World Health Organization”

  1. Now that is class: doing things the genuinely proper way, and not just for show. How many young Americans have known that the appropriate way things are done is for the Executive to notify Congress without bothering to tell the Press? Thank you, Mr President, for restoring order to the mechanisms of power in the US of A.

    1. PLEASE! PLEASE!! let her have lots of videos & evidence to use against Menendez…and so many other moron, criminal, idiot and scumbag US Senators & Reps (Dem & Rep)

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