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PBS White House correspondent: Trump sits “between George Wallace and Ronald Reagan”

And I assume the Ronald Reagan part is not a compliment either.

PBS Newshour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor certainly has a right to her opinion. But she does not have the right to be seen as a neutral “White House correspondent,” particularly for a network funded by taxpayers.

Here are some of the shocking things she said the other night, commenting on President Trump’s appearance at Mount Rushmore:

People who are saying there’s really a myth of America that this idea that America treated people well, that they treated men and women equally, that we founded this country just by our own wits, that that is actually a lie and in fact what we’re seeing a celebration of America’s independence on land that was stolen from Native Americans and it’s over — and it’s being seen and overlooked by two presidents — they’re figures, rather — that owned slaves and a third president in Roosevelt who, who talked about going westward and who oversaw the desecration of native lands . . .

You saw so many people in this country, especially people of color look really, really disturbed when the president and then-candidate Trump started saying Make America Great Again because, of course, the quick question was, ‘well, what part of America and what period are you talking about? Is it when African-Americans were enslaved? Is it when women couldn’t vote? Is it when native American people were literally run off their lands?’. . .  He’s sitting somewhere in history between George Wallace and Ronald Reagan and he’s really fitting in this history that is, in some ways, a Republican history about the idea they’re really looking at white resentment.

At least she left Lincoln alone.

To be fair, she’s not speaking too differently from the people at the New York Times and Washington Post who call themselves regular reporters too.

H/T Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner.

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  1. SO? what does she think about the HUNDREDS of BLACKS KILLING BLACKS in US cities this weekend…???
    Where was “BLM” and all the thousands of protesters demanding an end to the violence in inner cities & ghettos…?

  2. Since the democrat party opposed ending slavery and opposed giving blacks the right to vote, shouldn’t the democrat party be abolished, their headquarters burned, and their history erased?

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