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Trump voters think America is great, Biden voters say average or worse: Poll

Well, you suspected that, didn’t you?

I’ve talked to so many liberals in my life. And I’ve had many liberal friends. They don’t like the United States as much as conservatives do, and they do not have the same sense of American exceptionalism. It’s just a fact.

When you see a flag on someone’s porch, do you assume the people inside are Republicans or Democrats?

Liberals would say they are devoted to “making the United States better” and to “social justice.” No excuse. You can recognize this country is flawed, as all of humanity is, and still celebrate is as the greatest on earth. Ever.

According to USA Today:

Almost 9 of 10 Trump voters, 87%, said the United States was the greatest or one of the greatest countries in the world. Almost 6 in 10 Biden voters, 59%, said it was average, has fallen behind, or is one of the worst.

In total, one-third of those surveyed, 32%, called the United States “the greatest country in the world,” and another 28% said it was “one of the greatest” – a 60% majority asserting American greatness.

Not everyone was as sanguine: 12% of those surveyed said the United States was “an average country” and one-fourth, 24%, said it “has fallen behind the other major countries of the world.” Three percent said it was “one of the worst.”

Among other demographic factors, there was also a difference along racial lines. Whites were more likely than Blacks to say the United States was “the greatest country,” 35% compared with 20%. Blacks were more likely than whites to say the country had “fallen behind,” 35% compared with 22%.

3 thoughts on “Trump voters think America is great, Biden voters say average or worse: Poll”

  1. If Biden supporters think this country is so horribly evil, why don’t they just leave? If they think there’s someplace better they should go there, no one will stop them. Maybe Cuba, Venezuela, South Africa, or North Korea will roll out the welcome mat for these ingrates. They can take BLM and Antifa with them.

  2. The anti-US people always sound irrational, ignorant of what the world looks like outside our borders.
    They simply ignore the millions of illegal aliens who cross our border with next to nothing simply because their homeland is so terrifying or poverty stricken. They come to the US and leave behind everything because we are the only country they can imagine will be good for them,

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