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Please tell me about any problems with the new website

Hi, everyone.

It’s been about a month since I unveiled the new website design. Please let me know what you like and don’t like about it, and most importantly, about any problems you are having with it. My goal is to make reading White House Dossier an easy a pleasurable experience. I am still intending to do some more technical and design work on it, so if you have some suggestions for problems that need to be fixed, or there are things you like about it, please let me know. The great, the good, the bad, and the ugly are all things I want to hear about.

Thank you as always for reading. You can either leave a comment on this post or go to the contact page and send me a private message.


23 thoughts on “Please tell me about any problems with the new website”

  1. I enjoy your posts and share them often. Unfortunately, the only image that comes up when I use some of my scheduling software is the graphic on your website for “The Obama Scandals” book. Would be nice to be able to share other images. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Hi Keith,

    Thank you for asking. I am still having problems daily when accessing your website on my iPhone and MacBook Pro. I have to refresh/reload or just wait 5 minutes to try to access the site again, as it doesn’t load. This happens almost every time I try to access your website. If I am able to get on the Homepage, trying to click a link(s) contained within the page don’t load either, and the page just sits there. (I can see the blue bar at the top trying to load the page, but it stops at less than 50% loaded). I’m sorry if I’m the only one having the same problems as the old website.

  3. I do not receive Trump’s Twitter feed. The articles show up in the middle of the page. It is white space on either side.

  4. This has been one of my fave go-to sites since, well, since a long time ago. I don’t always agree with the editor, but find all of it interesting and engaging.
    My only wish for a change is a “Edit” button, click or whatever.
    Sloppy fingers and rushed thinking make for some strange comments so a chance to edit would be most welcome.
    Thanks MrK, enjoy the weekend.,

  5. 1. I am subscribed to your newsletter, but still every time, EVERY TIME, I comment or look at your site, the “Please Subscribe” window comes flashing up and surprises me and I have to click it shut.
    2. Are you really getting so many fewer comments or are some now appearing in the count and the thread.
    3. Off Topic – I would probably buy a hard copy of your book if it didn’t cost too much. I am rather “challenged” by life and can’t download an electronic copy to my phone.
    Thank you for White House Dossier. You know, you left the WH about the time that Trump arrived. You might be able to freelance an article somewhere in November about 4 years’ perspective outside after having been an insider for the Obama years. Just a thought.

    1. Love the new look and feel on the IPhone. I’ve not had any issues using iOS however have not been posting comments either.

      Second the vote for an edit button even if there is a public tag to mark as edited.

      Way back, I could select to save my comment name. Now I have to rekey each time… or I’m missing something.

      iPhone SE v 13.5.1

  6. I view the website on an iPad Pro (12.9″) with the sidebar in Safari enabled. With that configuration, the posts display as 2 very skinny columns. If I disable the sidebar, a get one normal column. The old website never did this.

  7. I have trouble accessing the website all together. I have an IPhone 6S and Safari isn’t friendly to a lot of websites. States they aren’t secure. ‍♀️
    I do very much enjoy “Cut to the news”

  8. I like the readability if the new site format, especially on mobile. (But for some reason as I type this on mobile, this comment box is MUCH smaller font than everything else around it, making it hard for me to read what I’m typing.) Have some eyesight issues, so I like the clearer font and spacing on the new format.

  9. I have noticed you post an article and it shows no Comments. When I open the full article it will show someone has made a comment. When I reply then it shows someone made a comment.

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