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Trump says “masks are good” and he looked like “The Lone Ranger” in his

President Trump Wednesday responded to all the crap he is taking for not wearing a mask, saying they are a good idea and that he uses them himself.

Trump told Fox News Business:

I’m all for masks. I think masks are good. If I were in a group of people and I was close, I would. I have. People have seen me wearing one if I’m in a group of people where we’re not 10 feet away. But usually, I’m not in that position and everyone’s tested because I’m the president and they get tested before they see me, if I were in a tight situation with people, I would, absolutely.

I had a mask on, I sort of liked the way I looked. I thought it was okay. It was a dark, black mask, and I thought it looked okay. It looked like the Lone Ranger.

Trump is right not to be parading around with a mask, though. He thinks it looks weak on a leader, and it does. He certainly could avoid denigrating the use of them, as he has, and could do more to promote them. But I don’t think Churchill or Caeser would have walked around with an N95 over their face.

3 thoughts on “Trump says “masks are good” and he looked like “The Lone Ranger” in his”

  1. Good for him – I’m sure there are very limited times when he wears one. To be honest – I’m not convinced they do that much. Most of us are moving them up and down and probably affecting their effectiveness. Social distancing is probably the best, especially outside. I respect private business and will wear them if they require.

  2. If we are flattening the curve…. and not trying to reduce the size of the area under the curve… we are already there and masks are not necessary. Oh and we don’t really know if they help anyway in the end – False sense of security — keeping people from building immunity(if the masks work) having people not get enough oxygen, crime is easier with a mask, trauma to people to see the masked people, etc etc etc…. The idea that Fauci et al are to be believed on this is laughable.

    The fact that I am not hearing about deaths but only infections tells me something — healthy people are getting infected — AND that I am not hearing about Sweden 24/7 tells me that this mask stuff is at best neutral but likely a net negative. Whenever the government comes to help…. really? You think that it is a good idea?

    Few use them well enough or all the time to matter.

  3. If Trump looked like “the lone ranger” I think he was wearing it wrong…(Trump had the mask over his eyes…???)

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