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Biden using Trump “Kung Flu” quip to court Asian Americans

Well, this was predictable.

I’m not sure how outraged Asian Americans actually are. I mean, maybe. I haven’t seen any polling. It seems like the media often rely on what white people in Washington assume minorities will believe.

Anyway, you can be sure the Democrats are going to run with it.

According to the Washington Examiner:

As President Trump stoked outrage by calling COVID-19 the “kung flu,” presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was quietly courting Asian American voters.

And Biden’s efforts could pad his electoral edge in crucial, culturally diverse battleground states, such as Nevada, Texas, and Georgia.

“Asian Americans are being targeted with violence and subjected to xenophobic rhetoric from the mouth of the president himself,” Biden told Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote’s presidential forum last weekend.

He added, “Our AAPI community is essential. Period. Period. Not just as essential workers, but essential to the very fabric of this nation.”

Asian Americans represent the fast-growing demographic of eligible voters compared to other major races and ethnicities, the Pew Research Center found last month. The group’s comprised of about 11 million eligible voters, or 5% of the country’s eligible population, up 139% over the past two decades. And the advantage for Biden is that they lean Democratic.

4 thoughts on “Biden using Trump “Kung Flu” quip to court Asian Americans”

  1. 1. I think very few people care about that comment from Trump and less so what Biden says — I also think that when your campaign is only about reacting to what Trump says that you are in trouble.
    2. Many of the newer arrivals come from areas much more socialist in nature and the new arrivals are more apt to be Democrat….As they associate more with Americans — some not socialist — and they become less socialist.

    Good thing for Biden is that he knows how to treat people as racial groups and really does not value the individual — you know the thing — and others will continue to do so…

    Now a prediction — if Trump is re-elected — he will not only solve the Police violence on black men — really the perception.. AND he will then dig in and fix the other issues that mess up families — which seem to hit the families that are black more often than not. “Police kill less than X% of the black people — Let’s focus on those areas that kill more black people…. ” The BLM concept will have new meaning then

  2. Wokers are outraged by everything, so a pun that involves a martial art and a virus sets their panties aflame. I would bet that very few Americans of Asian ancestry even remarked this pun.

    I asked a Democrat friend of mine how her party ended up with a white, male nominee with dementia, given there were so many “diverse” people wanting the slot. She answered, “I don’t know.”

  3. It’s a good thing Biden let Asians know they were outraged, I’m sure very few of them would have even known.

    I’m still not sure what a reference to what is essentially an awesome contribution to the world from China, Kung Fu, does to upset people. I mean really, what half-way normal male, at some point in his life didn’t idolize Bruce Lee and other martial artists from Asia. I still DVR “Enter the Dragon” when it’s on, although I have to watch it after my wife goes to bed (???).

    China has made many awesome contributions to our modern world. I don’t think saying that makes me a racist. Neither does it make anyone a racist if they were to say China f’ed up with the initial coronavirus response.

    There is no end, ever, to the “I’m offended, therefore I can’t tolerate you, now give me money” plague. I won’t have it. Reparations? HELL NO.

    Here’s a thought, if General Patton were around today, he would be slapping the holy hell out of these ninnies all day every day.

  4. I’m thinking Trump will get more campaign and debate mileage out of “if you can’t decide who to vote for, me or Trump, you ain’t black”, than Biden will get out of “kung flu”. Just sayin’.

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