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Only 51% of blacks want Biden to pick an African American VP

Maybe they want him to pick . . . the best person for the job.

Or someone who can finish his sentences.

No, I don’t mean someone with whom he is so Sympatico that they finish each other’s sentences. I mean someone who can help him finish his sentences.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Despite calls that Joe Biden pick a woman of color as his running mate, most Americans don’t agree or are unsure and only 51% of blacks said the Democrat should select an African American, according to a new 2020 survey.

In the poll taken right after Minnesota Sen. Amy Kloubuchar withdrew from consideration and called on Biden to pick a woman of color, the latest Economist/YouGov survey found that only 32% support picking a black, 21% don’t, and 47% were “not sure.”

And, said the poll, just 51% of black Americans said “Yes” to the question, “Do you think Joe Biden should select an African-American person to be the Democratic Party nominee for vice president?”

Even among partisans, only 50% of “liberals” said yes to picking a black vice presidential nominee.

In a question about picking a woman, Americans are split as 39% agreed, 20% said “No,” and 41% were not sure.

4 thoughts on “Only 51% of blacks want Biden to pick an African American VP”

  1. At some point we must acknowledge the fact that picking ( or picking on) someone based upon race is … well, racism. And selecting a candidate for any position or job specifically based upon their race is quite honestly, insulting. Just like lowering college entrance scores for minorities. As if they just are not smart enough to compete with others. Every election day I go to vote ( yes, in person) and I see two signs… one says VOTE HERE…the other says VOTE AQUI. I appreciate the Hispanic culture, work with them, have them as clients… They are mostly like other immigrants, hard working folks trying to make a go of it in America ( let’s leave immigration on the sidelines for today). Why must we insult these people by putting signs up in Spanish? Will the ballot form be in Spanish too? Many times not. And I don’t recall ever seeing voting signs in German, Polish, Italian, Cantonese..etc. How insulting to a group of voters. Just like picking a candidate primarily on the color of their skin.

    1. Agree 100%. The whole concept that Blacks can only be successful in life if Whites ‘hold the ladder’ for them is racism at its worse.
      I can’t make anyone successful nor can I keep them from reaching whatever goal they choose, so blaming me (and others like me) is just a thinly veiled argument that minorities are less than the rest of us.

      How would a Black VP make things better for all Blacks when the actual POTUS was a Black man?

      1. Thank You SRDEM… can SOMEONE in the ‘media’ mention or bring up the fact there was a BLACK US President from 2008-2016.
        How did ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ as “President” make black lives better over those 2 terms/years? (I did not see Obama leading the charge to change “racist” names or knock down statutes…?)

    2. Yes, you made good points. The reason for the Spanish was done because of the Puerto Ricans. They are American citizens yet many do not speak English. Many of them went to New York. The last thing we need is for Puerto Rico to be a state, nor DC.

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