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Video || Pence refuses demand by CBS to say “Black Lives Matter”

From a transcript of his appearance on Face the Nation:

JOHN DICKERSON: One thing protesters would like to hear is leaders say black lives matter. You won’t say that. Why?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: As a pro-life American, I also believe that all life matters, born and unborn. But what- what I see in the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement is a political agenda of the radical left that would defund the police, that would–

JOHN DICKERSON: Leave that out of it. Just the phrase.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –tear down monuments, that would- that would press a radical left agenda that, and- and- and support calls for the kind of violence that has beset the very communities that they say that they’re advocating for.

JOHN DICKERSON: But the- but the- sir,–

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: We- I’ve- I’ve literally met- I’ve literally met with African American leaders around this country and in the national capital area who’ve- who made it clear to us they- they want law and order. They- they want peace in our streets.

JOHN DICKERSON: So you won’t say black lives matter?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: John, I really believe that all lives matter.


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