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Trump Schedule || Sunday, June 28, 2020

President Trump is in Washington. He has no publicly scheduled events.

4 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Sunday, June 28, 2020”

    1. On so many levels ‘Truth’ I speak to you….

      “He hasn’t worked hard a day in his life”
      OK. I saw the video of him shaking +/- 1,000 hands in the hot sun last year to honor military academy graduates, for instance. I guess that is my ‘Trusth’

      “….posting racist tweets” He reposted a video of supporters in some sort of parade honoring him and the flag. Upon learning that one on the people said something offensive, he removed it.

      Let’s dive into that video…
      1. Where was Twitter? Why was this offensive post out there? Pause. Think. Where are all the warnings?
      2. The person making the offensive comment in the video was being called offensive things and reacted. Not a great reaction to an offensive comment thrown at him but not everyone is prepared for being harassed. Seemed like a ‘gotcha’.
      3. The golf carts at the Villages are cool — unfortunately lost in all the racial hatred is the loss of the opportunity to enjoy tricked-out rides.

      1. Truth – I’ll play along —

        First — I have to put it on my reading list — I’ve been catching on things like the First Step Act, ISIS butt-whooping and many other things so I am behind on all that.

        Second — The Blood Money thing is a breaking story – With the word ‘Russia’ in it. Excuse me for wanting to gather a few more facts before I set up the firing squad or Impeachment team or whatever. He may have know or not…and if not I guess that shows that maybe the intelligence community of US is the issue. AND… If it is true that there was some bounty, etc. remember that we are still not at war with Russia in WW3 which was promised by so many so apparently Trump is not hawkish enough for his detractors now.

        Third — Back to the racist stuff — I have yet to find anything racist on Trump — I read the WHOLE quote so please spare me the Charlottesville and Mexican half-truths — When you get a chance just let me know what makes Trump a racist……

        Please too.. know that I am glad to be educated on why Trump is a racist…really. I am….but skip the pointing to some (Russian) squirrel.

      2. Truth, this isn’t really surprising. The Soviet Union and China funded, supported, supplied and even fought against US forces during the Korean and Vietnam wars. The US has funded “Freedom Fighters” from Afghanistan, Central America, Angola and beyond that were fighting communist troops and their Soviet/Cuban advisors. Iran has paid/used proxy forces though the IRGC-QF in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Don’t think for a minute that this just started within the past year. The real world is a dark, ugly place. If the President wasn’t briefed I’d like to know why.

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