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Video || Biden kills nearly 120 million Americans

Warning, this is very gory.

Vice President Biden during an event in Pennsylvania Thursday said that the coronavirus had resulted in the deaths of 120 million Americans. Actually, the number is about 126,000.

And then, right as he committed his gaffe and seemed to look confused, the live video stream cut out. Strange coincidence . . .

7 thoughts on “Video || Biden kills nearly 120 million Americans”

  1. The man is declining. Sad for him. Shame on his family and advisors allowing this to continue yet prominent people are lining up behind him because they hate Trump. They kniw he usnt up to the task.

    1. I agree Wendy, his family is in denial and his advisors are evil and ruthless for allowing him to continue. They are going to try like holy hell to avoid any live debates with Trump, and minimize the duration as much as possible. This could be really sad and embarrassing.

  2. When I read Drudge Report they have Trump losing to him big time. Wait for the three debates with Trump and see how he fares.

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