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Video || Biden debuts his Trump impression

Borscht Belt Biden. I don’t’ think Alex Baldwin has much to worry about.

Not the first time the vice president has gone into the impressions business. You may remember the time he tried to sound like he’s black.

2 thoughts on “Video || Biden debuts his Trump impression”

  1. Do you hear this guy? Slurred words – hard to say ‘Miracle’ — starts a sentence and then finishes it in a different tense or something where the two portions are fragments… And then the practical…

    Talking Trump only means he has nothing to say… and in a few more months of nothingness….

    And I love how the 1 hr 50 min speech length of Trump’s in OK was needed to be commented on by Biden. Very weird. If he could go 1 minute and 50 seconds and do it well… geez!

    As an aside – I hope Trump is properly prepped for the campaign. and people crushing the 50 years of nothing by Biden… I should be seeing the commercial — Speeches from Bush, Bush, Clinton, Obama (Biden?) – clipped where they talk about moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and then Trump talking about the doing it, doing it, and then telling us he did it…

    Same thing for a wall — all those clowns have talked about it… same commercial…..

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