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Steve Bannon trying to change Trump campaign strategy

Steve Bannon has some ideas about how the Trump campaign should be run. I would assume one of those ideas is that it should be run by him.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump eventually turned to Bannon. It worked out well last time. Okay, so he insulted the kids. They want a second term too.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Former White House chief strategist and Trump 2016 campaign chief Steve Bannon has raised the alarm this week over a faltering campaign, speaking out publicly and privately for an end to a rally-based strategy, leaving Trump insiders to wonder whether he is maneuvering for a return to influence.

After Saturday’s disastrous rally in Tulsa, Bannon demanded that the reelection effort concentrates on amplifying action taken by the president in office and is urging other conservative commentators to go on the attack to force a shake-up, according to multiple sources.

“He is trying to get conservative commentators to go negative on the campaign so that they wake up and realize they are in bad shape before it is too late to do anything,” said a former White House official.

7 thoughts on “Steve Bannon trying to change Trump campaign strategy”

  1. So the conventional wisdom is that it was a “disastrous” rally? I must have been watching something different Saturday night.

    I’m finding it more difficult to read or watch any political commentary anymore. It might be healthier just to turn it all off.

  2. Frederick Tomlinson

    The rally attendance. Many were locked outside. DJT arrived at the venue an hour early due to the outdoor event scheduled before having to be cancelled due to BLM and anarchists causing much ado. When he arrives at the venue, they lock the doors for security and no more admissions. The doors were locked at 6.30 pm, rally didn’t start until after 8 pm. I’ve seen the photos and videos on twitter of many people unhappy at being locked out. They were told to go home by security.

    Apart from that 12 million watched it on television/internet, so there’s that,.

    1. Even better is that inspite of these insignificant 12 million people watching, Biden is trouncing Trump in the polls.
      Not all watching were Trump supporters so I’m satisfied with Foxnews 7.5 million watching them alone.

  3. PDJT doesn’t need to look like a workaholic relative to Cackles. That worked last time, but this time, he needs a different act.

    If it’s a battle of the bunkers, Trump has the better bully pulpit. Plugs is content to hide, so there really is no need to crisscross the country trying to convince people to vote against the cacklebot.

    Trump just needs to paint Plugs as a latter-day Chauncey Gardener, who’s acting as a stalking horse for Stalinism, and who will be nothing but a figurehead if he gets into in the Oval Office. Meanwhile, an army of unaccountable hammer-and-sickle Deep State radicals will be running the show.

    If you vote for Biden, you are voting for the chains of Communist tyranny, on yourself, and on your children. Boom, simple.

  4. I think emphasis on what he has accomplished in the face four years of tsunami-level resistance and abuse should be the heart of his message. But I think voters also want to hear what PDJT might have in mind for the next four years. This voter does, anyhow.

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