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Gordon Chang: China wants Biden to be president

Of course, they do.

China expert Gordon Chang says the Chinese Communists know they have more to lose with President Trump in the White House.

“I think that they probably would like to see Vice President Biden elected. You know, both candidates have vulnerabilities on China, but President Trump’s attitudes on China are much more resolute,” Chang said during an appearance on NewsmaxTV

“Biden has said some things that are deeply troubling, including those comments from May 1 of last year, when he said that China is not competition for the U.S., which is manifestly wrong, and he said that Chinese leaders were good folks. So, that is really a cause of concern for Americans.”

Chang said China is starting to use “the Russian method of trolls and bot farms” to influence the vote.

4 thoughts on “Gordon Chang: China wants Biden to be president”

  1. No kidding. All the NATO nations want Biden to be President, too. South American countries want Biden to be President. The unions, the progressive radicals, idiots, et al want Biden to be President.

      1. The ChiComs own that dimwit of a potted plant and the DNC. Of course they want some return on their investment. They may be commies but they are not stupid.

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