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Surge of migrants to US border likely amid economic chaos on Mexico, Central America

A new immigration crisis, just in time for the election. This can only help President Trump as people are reminding of the kind of unlimited illegal immigration that was occurring before he assumed office.

According to the Washington Examiner:

The country’s top border official expects a dramatic rise in the number of migrants who flee home countries in Mexico and Central America and head to the United States in the coming months due to economic peril.

“What we are seeing right now is that while our economy is struggling, it is by far worse in Mexico, Northern Triangle countries, really in the Western Hemisphere really,” Mark Morgan, who is performing the duties of acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, testified Thursday before the Senate Homeland Security panel.

“What I’m concerned is we’re going to see the same pull factors that we have historically, but it’s going to be magnified because what we like to say – the accelerant of COVID,” said Morgan. “Their economic conditions are going to be far worse than ours. We anticipate that we’re going to see an increase, another surge of migration due to the economic conditions and the economic pull factor coming forward. It is a significant concern for us.”