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Green Bay mayor welcomes Trump to Wisconsin warning of “limits” to hospitality

Democratic Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich penned an open letter to President Trump calling the president intolerant, ignorant, divisive, and bigoted

“We are an increasingly diverse city with a vibrant immigrant heritage and culture and strong connections to the indigenous people who call our region home,” the wrote in the letter, which he placed on his Facebook page. “Our instinct toward hospitality, of course, extends to our president, but I want you to know that it has its limitations. We don’t tolerate intolerance or willful ignorance, and we won’t endorse or ignore divisive and bigoted rhetoric.”

Genrich patronizingly added that the “moment calls for honest, empathetic, and courageous leadership,” telling Trump, “I ask you to exemplify these qualities tomorrow in the days ahead.”

Trump was traveling in Wisconsin Thursday. The letter is dated Wednesday.

Looks like a sanctimonious liberal, all casual sweater, open collar, and jeans. When did mayors start dressing like that at public events anyway?

Eric Genrich
Eric Genrich

9 thoughts on “Green Bay mayor welcomes Trump to Wisconsin warning of “limits” to hospitality”

  1. Hi, c’mon in. Welcome to our home. Just to let you know that we won’t tolerate spitting, cursing, cigar smoking or other bad behavior. We expect you to respect our wishes even though you are a thoroughly despicable and disgusting human.
    Have a seat. Coffee? tea?

  2. Genrich sounds like a tyrant. Per Wikipedia, he is also a tyrant when it come to voting:
    “… Genrich …filed a federal lawsuit about a week before the April 7 elections to try and stop in-person voting. The lawsuit was dismissed…. Despite being offered help by the Wisconsin National Guard to help operate polling places, Genrich refused all assistance, closing 29 of the city’s 31 polling places, only leaving Green Bay East High School and Green Bay West High School open, leading to voting lines of over four hours.”

    1. As I recall, the Wisconsin Primary, which involved MILLIONS of voters, was supposed to be a ‘super-spreader’ event for transmission of CCP-Virus. I must’ve missed the coverage on that one. Or maybe what was being ‘super-spread’ by the media wasn’t virus.

      1. Ended up like 52 cases, but not even all of those could be attributed as some had been in other places as well. That is why you didn’t a peep about it-didn’t fit the narrative so suddenly isn’t “news.”

  3. DNC playbook: Let’s keep ramping up the hateful rhetoric towards Trump. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler,… etal… Say absolutely ridiculous things that will make headlines and draw attention towards these politicos… the cruder the better….all the while, Joe Biden is sequestered in the basement. Get it? The less focus on Biden, the better. This is not about Trump… it is all about a coordinated shifting focus from their weak and fumbling candidate until the very last month before election day…. and its working.

  4. Never should a puissant mayor miss a chance for free virtue signaling. The thing is, this crap is like a slow drip from your kitchen faucet…over time it becomes a real problem. Here’s a fresh report from Rasmussen of a thousand likely voters conducted this week. Check the internals — it’s a cautionary tale and Trump needs to pay attention.

    1. I don’t understand how in the hell anyone with a brain could feel “safer” with Joe Biden in regards to ANYTHING. Sad to say, the man probably has dementia.

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