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Biden to Obama: “What are we talking about?”

Well, that’s a little out of context, but that was kind of where his head was at for a moment during his fundraiser Tuesday night with Barack Obama.

Biden also interacted with a pre-recorded question.

Meantime, Obama has a look on his face that’s hiding what he thinks, which must be: If we can just keep this guy in the basement until November, we’ll be fine. Then we’ll invoke the 25th Amendment and make Kamala Harris president.

3 thoughts on “Biden to Obama: “What are we talking about?””

  1. Its like you took a person from 1950 and put them in a 2020 car and they start looking for the crank handle to lower the driver’s window…..


  2. I got another letter with the return address as “President Barack Obama” today. It is another request for donations with all the usual agenda plans for the Dems.
    I don’t donate, don’t plan to ever donate to the Dems , no matter who asks.

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