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White House correspondents’ annual dinner is canceled

The White House Correspondents Association announced Tuesday that its annual dinner, which has already been postponed from its usual spring date, has now been canceled because of the coronavirus.

From a statement by WHCA President Jonathan Karl of ABC News:

With great regret, we will have to cancel our planned dinner on Aug. 29.

We’ve been working hard to reconfigure the dinner in ways to make it safe for guests and staff. But after consultation with medical experts, government authorities and our own members, we’ve concluded that it is just not possible to put on the kind of dinner that promotes the best in journalism and allows our guests to comfortably and safely enjoy themselves.

We do not want to let this moment pass, however, without telling the truly inspiring story of journalism in 2020, particularly White House journalism. So, we are working at this moment on a virtual presentation that would allow us to salute award-winning journalism, toast an impressive group of scholarship winners, and still enjoy a few laughs.

The bolding is mine.

I’d say this has been the most uninspiring year of journalism I have ever seen in my career as a journalist. Rather, it’s been an immensely dispiriting year. The past 12 months or so marked the end of any attempt by mainstream journalists to even pretend that they are being unbiased and reporting without an agenda. That Karl could make such a laughable statement shows just how detached journalists have become from the country they cover and from their own profession and what was left of its standards.

5 thoughts on “White House correspondents’ annual dinner is canceled”

  1. K, with due respect to you and the very few honest voices in media, no one will miss this event. What was once a friendly dinner enhanced by good natured jabbing is now a platform for mean spirited banter and political correctness. Humor is dying in front of our eyes

  2. The correspondents’ dinner has achieved one thing — it’s become co-equal with the Oscars for high-octane snark from equally over-paid, under-talented, obnoxious, self-important nobodies. Long may it be cancelled.

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