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No, Trump wasn’t serious about decreasing coronavirus testing

President Trump of course could not possibly have been serious when he said during his rally in Tulsa Saturday that he told his people to slow down testing.

It’s incredible how literally everyone takes everything he says. As I’ve said before, this is the benefit of having a president who is not a lawyer. He speaks like normal people, and he is not always so careful and, uh, lawyerly.

Trump instead sounded frustrated, as White House officials pointed out. He is frustrated with the Catch-22 that as the administration succeeds in ramping up testing, a good thing, they find more cases of COVID-19, a bad thing. And of course, the press and their allies in the Democratic Party jump on the bad thing.

He also I’m sure, was in quite a bad mood because of the empty seats in the arena. I think Brad Parscale, the campaign manager, will be out by the convention in late August, or soon after.

7 thoughts on “No, Trump wasn’t serious about decreasing coronavirus testing”

  1. My 20-something kids told me there was a big push on TikTok to reserve tickets and of course, not go. No One is reporting this.

    1. It is interesting how even FOXNews “skips”/”does not report” certain stories nowadays;
      -George Floyd extensive criminal & prison record.
      -Atlanta, that guy shot had child abuse criminal record.
      -This online TikTok ambush of Trump rally.

      1. I’m pretty much done with Fox News as well as all other outlets, and anything on Twitter…all they do is harp on the same stuff ad nauseam, without mentioning certain important stories, as you noted.

        Today’s the first day of my own personal media blackout (is it racist to say “blackout” now?)…I like keeping up on things, but it’s gotten ridiculous. From now on,, all I’m doing is checking in here occasionally – can’t take the rest of them anymore.

  2. I’ve been trying to convince people that F0X has not been their friend for several years. Other than Tucker, who I sometimes watch on YT after it’s posted later each evening. The days of getting the “news” in one place has been over for many years.

  3. Well, apparently he was not joking after all. Oh, but this guy who says he does “not kid” was only kidding about ingesting disinfectants.

    If anyone joked, even today, about the 3,000 lives lost on 9/11, you guys would all lose your s**t. Yet, here we are. 40 x 3,000 are dead, and that’s just in the US. Many of those who survive it are maimed permanently. Yet, somehow now, it’s “OK” to make light of it?

    Keith, you’ve lost your way.

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