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McEnany and White House reporters get into it over Trump’s use of “Kung Flu”

I don’t think Trump is racist. He certainly comes from a time when a joke like this would not be considered racist. I mean, they used to put out entire books of ethnic humor, for every ethnicity.

But he certainly doesn’t need to give his opponents ammunition to say that he is racist. And he might consider catching up with the times a bit more.

6 thoughts on “McEnany and White House reporters get into it over Trump’s use of “Kung Flu””

  1. They’re going to say he’s racist regardless…they’ve been saying it for over four years; they’re not going to stop now. He’s a Nazi, too. And his wife’s a whore. And his son is retarded. They get away with saying whatever they want, endlessly.

    He doesn’t need to give them ammunition…they’ve never stopped shooting.

  2. Anyone else remember “Truly Tasteless Jokes”? That was published in 1982, 38 years ago. It was the best-selling mass-market paperback in 1983.

    I can do tasteless jokes, too. >:-D

    Hell, back in 1983, I’d bet some of those ankle biters in the press corps had yet to have the best part of themselves miss and go running down the mattress.

  3. This is not an issue of trying to offend the Asian-Americans or whatever groups — Trump is an alley fighter… and he knows that China needs a good ***wiping and how does it do that? He insults them — let’s them know that when they pull crap on the USofA that he is not going to let it slide so he tweaks them.

    When you are picked on, bothered, bullied by China forever and the predecessors did little/nothing – every little thing and every big thing needs a poke in the eye. Trump is the master of that. While making a point about this or that on the economy he’ll slide in a dig on the press. He’s tweaking them too.

    Trump is letting China know that without a change in behavior they are going to see a lot of this tweaking. It is not something the Chinese officials like and Trump knows that.

  4. Trump is the guy — OUR guy — with his finger in the dike holding back the flood of sewage that represents the end vision of the left for America. He’s the only one doing it, and apparently the only one with the guts to do it. If we let him get whipped in November, he can go home and actually have a life again. We’re the ones who’ll suffer, and we’ll deserve it if we let him go down.

  5. Everything and everybody is racist! We should all just kill ourselves for restitution. Oh, where did I go so, so wrong??

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