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McEnany compares Trump hiring to Lincoln “Team of Rivals” approach

A gotcha question from the White House press corps doesn’t work out too well.

The reporter tried to get White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on why Trump hires people who are incompetent, noting names he calls former employees after they leave. She responds, reasonably, that they often show themselves during employment to have earned their epithets.

I think anyone who has hired people and been a manager can empathize.

Also, I don’t know why the reporter felt he had to prove what everyone knows: When Trump gets attacked, he attacks back.

1 thought on “McEnany compares Trump hiring to Lincoln “Team of Rivals” approach”

  1. Trump wants an arena in which his employees disagree with each other. He wants to see the “measure of a man” in how positions are defended, insults handled, and knows that discussions among those who disagree, valuable insights can happen. It takes strength to set up fruitful discord in the organization that you head.

    He lets them prove who they are and then lets go those who are problems and those whose value was limited.

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