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Video || Taking back the American flag

This is a great video that I thought you might find inspiring as thousands take to the streets with hatred for this country.

The cause of racial justice is a noble one. But many are out there hating the nation.

The flag means a lot. To respect it is to respect this country. And this country deserves enormous, unreserved respect and admiration.

There are many who are seeking to destroy the nation by ripping apart what it stands for, and by shredding the flag. They control powerful institutions, including the media, academia, the arts, and high technology.

They appear to have the upper hand now. But I don’t believe they will succeed, because there are still enough of the kinds of people you will see in this video.

But we must fight, and seize the flag back.

H/T Daily Caller.

7 thoughts on “Video || Taking back the American flag”

  1. Thanks Keith, this is really inspiring.

    It sickens me that so many losers can devote so much energy to biting the hand that feeds them. Meanwhile, useful people are working their fingers to the bone to pay ever-increasing taxes that allow these jackholes to riot and destroy.

  2. Thanks Keith!

    You feel the love of country! I have done many of the things in the picture — picking up flags after a parade – fixing a fallen flag.. etc.

    I think it is stupid to destroy the flag — it does not help the cause — whatever it is — when you anger so many people during a protest.

    I think that the burning of a flag on public property should be illegal — just as you cannot yell “fire” in a crowded theater you should not endanger others by open flame, etc. Grab a burning flag and save it — OK by me — it is extinguishing an open flame and saving people (and the flag)….

    Having said that, if you want to do other things to the flag in the public square – idiotic as it is — go ahead. Freedom is an absolute to me. Want to burn a flag on your property (within code for burning) – go ahead.

    I do not like it when someone grabs a MAGA hat from someone and steals it in public — stealing a flag from a nutty protester is no different to me — All property must be protected — Stealing a ‘Trump” yard sign or stealing a “Planned Parenthood” yard sign — the same.

    If you go into a a homeowners association property and it says – no flags bigger than X don’t get mad when you are cited for putting in a bigger one —

    Geez — I’ve worked in the Corporate World…. can’t have a gun in my car in the company parking lot — I think it is stupid — especially if I want to go deer hunting or to the range after work — can’t do it — because I said I would take their money if I do certain things …. like not bring a gun to work….

    I understand the oaths to the flag – I understand the reverence — Civil War soldier stories are EXTREMELY heroic — grabbing the flag as a flag bearer is shot in battle — keeping it off the ground for a few moments — until the next is shot — I get it — freedom though requires us to allow freedom.

  3. This crap that is going on now would not be if the Greatest Generation was still around. The rally is in my city tomorrow and I am concerned. Fortunately the Governor is putting in 250 National Guard. They were here when they did a protest by a big mall. They used tear gas, pepper balls.

    1. Glad that Tulsa is staying the course — saddened that a curfew was chosen — it is a reduction of rights of law abiding folks — rather have a force large enough and ready to quell ILLEGAL behavior so that a person can go get a soda or gas at 2AM without fear.

      The first amendment… “or the right of the people peaceably to assemble” is clear… there is no right to block traffic or other activities and the police and other government agencies should enforce the law. (Sad that I actually have to write that the government has to enforce the law).

      1. I heard that now they have called off the curfew. Trump called the Mayor;) I also heard the looters/ have bought up all the billboards here coming into the city to promote their bulls!t BLM, etc.

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