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Pelosi orders removal of portraits of four House Speakers who served in Confederacy

Pelosi also celebrates the Supreme Court decision rejecting President Trump’s bid to overturn Barack Obama’s executive order mandating the DACA program. It’s an order Obama himself knew to be illegal. Because he said so before doing it anyway.

I don’t think the children of illegal immigrants should be sent back to Mexico, where many barely lived. It’s not their fault that they were brought here. But the decision should be made by Congress, because we are a nation of laws.

Or, we were.

5 thoughts on “Pelosi orders removal of portraits of four House Speakers who served in Confederacy”

  1. So why didn’t the ‘Black’ Pres Obama (the “smartest” President ever! -said MSM) bring up all these ‘racist’ paintings & statues from 2008-2016…???

  2. Seriously, The entire Democrat party needs to be taken down and abolished.
    They were on the side of the confederates and 100 years later, against the Civil Rights Act in the ’60’s, led by Al Gore Sr.
    And their shawls worn while kneelinglast week represent an African tribe who were part of the slave trade.
    You can’t make this up.

  3. The DACAs are not children of illegal Mexican immigrants. Those are anchor babies. The DACAs are foreign-born children smuggled into the U.S. illegally – some are children of illegal aliens and some are relatives of people here legally. I’ve never read that they are all of Mexican birth.

    The DACAs are a limited number of illegals who signed up for the DACA program. They are getting older and some doubtless now have gray hair. They are “kids” no longer and legalizing their presence here will immediately ignite the argument that the mass who did not sign up for the program should be legalized, too. “After all,” the argument will go,” why should they be penalized and deported simply because they failed to file a paper with a certain program at a certain time.”

    The DACAs are adults. If they haven’t learned about the nation where they were born and where they may reside legally, that is their choice. Some claim not to speak the language of their land and I wonder how they spoke with their parents and family when they got here. Are we to believe that illegals snuck in and those who planned to have children smuggled in began to speak English at home? And a few are good students — well, fine, they took advantage of their opportunities and can now go home with those advantages.

    Once we start picking through the millions of illegals in the US and hearkening to this sob-story or that inspiring personal history, there will be no deportation. People are damned clever enough to manipulate any system or sorting that is set up. Deportation of all is the only fair and just action. Fair and just to the illegals and the Americans.

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