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Obama ready to hit the virtual campaign trail for Biden

At least one of them will make sense, even if you don’t like what he’s saying.

Yes, class is about to go back into session, and your favorite lecturer is ready to take the virtual podium.

According to the Washington Times:

Former President Barack Obama is slated to team up with Joseph R. Biden on the virtual campaign trail next week to raise money for Mr. Biden’s 2020 presidential bid.

Mr. Obama will headline a virtual fundraiser targeting small donors for Mr. Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, marking the first time he has teamed up with his former vice president since endorsing him in April shortly after Sen. Bernard Sanders suspended his bid.

“This is a critical moment in our history — and we need Americans of all backgrounds and political stripes to join together and fight to create a more just, more generous, more democratic America where everybody has a fair shot at opportunity,” Mr. Obama said in a Biden campaign email. That’s why I am so excited to be joining my friend Joe Biden to talk about his vision for the country.”

3 thoughts on “Obama ready to hit the virtual campaign trail for Biden”

  1. Virtual campaigning…. If you want to make an impact, you need to meet with people, real people, face to face…. every politician knows that.
    Meeting the folks, as Obama called us, in a virtual setting is weak… and does not show the confidence and leadership Americans desire. Jimmy Carter hid in the WH during the Iran hostage crisis…and paid the price.

  2. Other than his own two presidential elections, Barry has always been the kiss of death for other candidates…during his presidency, his party lost the House and Senate, multiple state legislatures, governorships, etc. – not to mention Hillary losing to Trump. More often than not, anyone he endorsed or campaigned for was doomed…so good luck, Joe!

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