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Ivanka calls black churches “forces for justice”

Ivanka Trump Tuesday traveled to Pittsburgh, where she distributed relief supplies for families suffering because of the coronavirus. While there, she praised black churches.

Not sure how many black churches she’s been to. But, you know, it’s nice, though it will hardly soothe those who are sure her dad is a racist.

She was accompanied by Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.


2 thoughts on “Ivanka calls black churches “forces for justice””

  1. I am not a religious person however i believe black churches and particularly those in the inner city are who can really improve the plight of the black poor and downtrodden. President Trump is like Most of us. Not racist and really want all Americans to succeed. Unfortunately there are those who will never meet him even 1/2 way no matter what he does .

  2. Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama — anyone who remembers history knows “she” wrote the book on the role of black churches in the SJM.

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