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VOA directors resign as Trump appointee settles in

President Trump was furious at the Voice of America for what he viewed as coverage that was too favorable toward China on the origins of the coronavirus.

The CDC was instructed not to return calls from the VOA, including from Greta Van Susteren, who for some reason works there. Now that a pro-Trump administrator is running it, directors are resigning.

According to Politico:

Voice of America’s director and assistant director have resigned as the organization continues to butt heads with the Trump administration.

Director Amanda Bennett and deputy director Sandy Sugawara issued their resignations to the newsroom on Monday, according to Politico. In the email, they revealed that they had offered to step down as Michael Pack, who was recently confirmed by the Senate as the head of the U.S. Agency for Global Media, which oversees VOA, settles into his new job.

“We depart with the gratitude and joy that has marked our time together, with a dedication to our mission and admiration for each one of you,” they wrote.

Pack, a conservative activist and documentary filmmaker who previously worked with former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, was confirmed despite Democrats’ objections. The Democrats felt that Pack’s nomination would test the independent nature of VOA.

3 thoughts on “VOA directors resign as Trump appointee settles in”

  1. YAY!!!! The propagandists are leaving. We forget that VOA is and always has been a propaganda machine. They sounded believable because that was their job: to make the lies soothing. But VOA was only allowed to begin “broadcasting” to Americans a few years ago, after Congress made it legal to use falsehoods and untrue propaganda against the US public.

  2. Well that’s good then. If they are so political that they can’t handle anyone but a Trump hater running the place, good riddance. Maybe it will turn into a respectable outfit

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