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Video || The Awful, Failed Vice Presidential Quest of Stacy Abrams

She tried and tried and tried to get Joe Biden to make her his vice presidential nominee. And in the end, no one called.


H/T Washington Free Beacon.

5 thoughts on “Video || The Awful, Failed Vice Presidential Quest of Stacy Abrams”

  1. The whole Obama effect/affect can describe her whole political life.
    She, and so many others, feel entitled by the color of their skin to be or get whatever they want.
    There is a silence “out there” that reminds us of the silence two years before MrTrump was elected. Nothing is said, but eyes meet.

    We’re about to see something big.

  2. Do any of these hack political black racists or that quasi-terrorist group “BLM” know the US had a black President from 2004-2016…???
    What good did Barack Hussein Obama do for the ‘black community’ all those years?
    I though Obama getting elected (twice) solved ‘racism’…he won the Noble Peace Prize for that, right?

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