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Jenna Ellis to Brian Stelter: “You’re not a journalist, you’re an activist”

Trump campaign advisor Jenna Ellis called CNN media critic Brian Stelter an “activist” after he went after her in personal terms.

6 thoughts on “Jenna Ellis to Brian Stelter: “You’re not a journalist, you’re an activist””

    1. I don’t consider Stelter a activist.
      Activist on on occasion actually accomplish some.
      He is a member of the propaganda corps, aka, media.
      Stelter comes out as a snarling dog, no offense to dogs.
      No finesse.
      No weaving of a clever web of questions to trap Ellis, just snapping at her with open hostility.

  1. Spectrum Cable charges nothing for CNN on basic cable. If you want Fox News you have to upgrade the cable package. Which we did, but we only watched Tucker as we work for a living. We got rid of cable in the end (again) because we never watched it. Hello internet.. and talk radio!
    Stelter only proves that is is yet just another paid coward and a bully for CNN to control the narrative they want to push.

  2. Does anyone take seriously the idea that I would drop my cable provider because President Trump doesn’t like it? They really do think we’re stupid.

  3. Do people still watch CNN or any of these other channels? I watch Tucker on YT and that’s it. No cable, no theaters in 20 years.

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