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White House: There is no second coronavirus wave

White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow sought Friday to calm markets concerned that the coronavirus is roaring back. Excerpts from remarks he made today:

I spoke to our health experts at some length last evening. They are saying there is no second spike. We are not going to shut down the economy. What we are seeing is, certain posts are seeing a bit of a jump up. The testing itself has jumped up. There is no emergency, there is no second wave, I don’t know where that got started on Wall Street.

1 thought on “White House: There is no second coronavirus wave”

  1. I know where it got started…from a bunch of coordinated stories unleashed by the MSM.

    No one was talking about Covid during the riots (errrr….protests), so it’s rather obvious now the Dems/MSM need to drum up the fear all over again.

    We ain’t falling for it this time.

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