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Mnuchin: White House considering a second round of stimulus checks

With Election Day coming up, I imagine that the White House is going to make completely sure that the economy does not fall back into recession once it starts growing again.

There’s a lot of incentive to send out more money. I’d say your check is pretty much in the mail, though it will take a few months to get there.

You know how the Post Office is.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The Trump administration is weighing getting behind a second round of stimulus payments for Americans as part of an economic-relief package Congress is likely to consider next month, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday.

Mr. Mnuchin said he had discussed with President Trump the idea of additional stimulus payments, though no decision had been made yet on whether to advocate for them in the next bill.

“It’s something that we’re very seriously considering,” he told reporters during an online question-and-answer session Thursday.

Congress provided an initial round of onetime payments of $1,200 for most adults and $500 for children under age 17 as part of the Cares Act enacted in March. The Internal Revenue Service said it has distributed payments to all eligible Americans for whom it has sufficient information, totaling $267 billion.

Mr. Mnuchin also said it is extremely unlikely that parts of the U.S. economy would need to shut down again, despite a surge in coronavirus cases in some parts of the country. Mr. Mnuchin said he expected officials will make sufficient medical progress between now and the end of the year, including more widespread testing and effective viral treatments, that will support safe reopening of the economy.

2 thoughts on “Mnuchin: White House considering a second round of stimulus checks”

  1. I have a chronic disease that has been downplayed by the NIH because its initial reaction was that it was all in the sufferers’ heads and the NIH had been playing cover-your-butt ever since. If you are interested, over a million Americans have it and its current name is CFS/ME.

    But my point is that at last a Dem has introduced a bill to put money into research. It’s the only hope to some possible cure or treatment. The bill is going to be part of a Pelosi omnibu$ act.

    I now have to not support research that might help me because its funding is linked to a Dem pork bill — no, its funding IS a part of a Dem pork bill. God, life can be bitter.

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