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Lindsey Graham gains subpoena power to call Obama officials tied to Russia probe

Looks like Congress may start getting to the bottom of what may have been one of the worse abuses of power in history.

According to the Washington Examiner:

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party lines on Thursday to give Chairman Lindsey Graham the authority to issue subpoenas against dozens of Obama and Trump administration officials tied to the Russia investigation.

Democrats hotly objected to the South Carolina Republican’s effort to gain subpoena power during a debate that carried over from last week when a vote was postponed.

“I think we need to look long and hard at how the Mueller investigation got off the rails,” Graham said Thursday.

In response to Democratic critiques, he later said, “It would be a collaborative process, but you’re trying to stop me — and I’m not going to be stopped … From my point of view, it sounds like you want to talk about everything except for what we should be talking about.”

2 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham gains subpoena power to call Obama officials tied to Russia probe”

  1. Justice. Revenge. None of it matters now. Trump supporters already know what happened and who did it. Anti-Trump people won’t believe what is discovered or they will believe he really did those things alleged and needed to be investigated.
    We’ve moved on. We have new worries, new criminal cartels to fear, a virus threatening all of us, and an economy that is still staggered by the actions of our government.

  2. Yes we do…..but, there NEEDS to be ACCOUNTABILITY. I didn’t think Lindsey Graham had it in him.. He was spewing a lot of hot air the last couple of years.

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