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Video || That time Obama sounded like Trump talking about cops and riots

The video below, after an appearance by Anderson Cooper, features Barack Obama talking about the Baltimore Freddie Gray riots in 2015. Like President Trump, he thought most cops were just great.

Then, Obama spoke about . . . “making sure that the overwhelming majority of effective, honest, and fair law enforcement officers, that they’re able to do their job better, because it will weed out or retrain or put a stop to those handful who may be not doing what they’re supposed to be doing. He added, “My thoughts are with the police officers who were injured in last night’s disturbances. It underscores that that’s a tough job.”

He would not be caught dead saying such things today.

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  1. Obama is a slippery creature that voted “present” to avoid creating a track record of his stand on issues.

    Nothing he says lasts longer than the moment it leaves his lips.

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