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Trump will not rename military bases named for Confederate generals

President Trump Wednesday overruled Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and said he would not consider renaming military bases named for Confederate generals.

Esper and Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy had said they were “open to a bi-partisan discussion on the topic.”

4 thoughts on “Trump will not rename military bases named for Confederate generals”

  1. It’s time to remember that 320+million people live in the US, not just the 50,000 who are marching down our streets, destroying buildings and businesses, and claiming that “we” have to change. Our shared history is not one of perfection or of human kindness, but it is what it IS. We will never forget our mistakes, our wrongs, and erasing the icons of the wrongs won’t make the past less painful.
    The majority, the vast majority, of our citizens are law-abiding, trying to do the right thing and are outraged, discouraged by the actions of a tiny group who think they speak for all of us.
    No, we don’t want our historic icons destroyed, we don’t change historic named places or things.
    No, we don’t want to live in a country without law enforcement that helps protect all of us.
    No, we’re not going to kneel down to the person who shouts the loudest about injustice or hurt feelings.

    1. Cisco, as a Marine (1985-2009) I feel your pain for being at Ft Benning. I went to Airborne, Pathfinder and Ranger School there. Place sucks:) When I went to MFF they had already moved it to YPG in Yuma thank God. LOL. Just some good interservice sh*t talking.

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