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Trump says injured elderly protestor might have been Antifa

President Trump Tuesday suggested a 75-year-old man who was pushed by police and injured his head in the fall could be an Antifa plant.

Kelly Zarcone, Gugino’s lawyer, called Trump’s claims “dark, dangerous, and untrue.”

Here is video of the encounter, which occurred last week. The officers have been charged with felony assault. Seems clear he was behind police lines, was messing around right near one of their guns, and was not pushed away particularly hard, though I’m not making a judgement on whether the reaction constitutes assault. I don’t know the law.

7 thoughts on “Trump says injured elderly protestor might have been Antifa”

  1. These situations are tricky. He was undoubtedly violating the request to step back and instead engaged police officers in close range, extending an object towards their mid section which could be perceived as an attempt to electronically interfere or to reach for the officer’s weapon. Or at worst, he could be brandishing a weapon. It is unclear of his motive, but his actions were far from passive. If he obeyed the police, he would not have fallen. Police gently pushed the man back and he lost his balance. Thankfully his injury was not severe. I don’t agree with the premise that he was elderly, or even someone’s grandfather. If he was, why was he engaged in an event that could possibly lead to injury? Who lets grandpa do that? But the main point is that police were patient to a point of either letting this protestor accost them or they could confront the man and do what they are trained to do. I would like to see if there is any body cam footage and audio so we can hear what both parties were saying.


  2. Hey old guy messing around with police during a tense riot, here’s some advice I heard from an old Marine:

    “Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.”

    Old guy played = old guy won his prize (getting knocked on is ass -LOL)

  3. Don’t feel the least bit sorry for the guy, his stupidity led to his injuries. May well have been Antifa, this protest wasn’t his first rodeo.

      1. Before this article was posted here, I had already heard about this man, known by people that live in the area, that he has been an activist for years. Watch the video carefully and you will note he knew exactly what he was doing..

  4. Maybe he has Antifa connections. Trump is often right. Maybe he was encouraged to get in there and risk being injured to hype up the crowd. Maybe he was a pain-in-the-ass who provoked police until he got pushed and he fell down.

    At any rate, I now understand what a crisis actor is — someone who is sent in by an organized group to play a part in order to create or provoke a crisis and move a situation in a certain direction.

    Don’t know if this guy was one of those, but I now see how it could happen.

  5. There are plenty of questions around this whole thing. Questions that need answers. Accosting a police line will get you pushed around, and It doesn’t seem he was shoved hard. If he was as frail as later described, why was he out there in the first place. Then there is the guy’s history of activism and protesting.

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