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Video || Senior congressional Democrats kneel for George Floyd

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer led senior Democrats in kneeling during a moment of silence for George Floyd.

This is just an incredible display. What has happened to our country when our leaders bow to a man, whoever he is?

This is what mob rule — and its cousin political correctness — does. It turns proud men and women into the mob’s spineless, appeasing servants.

Before you know it, this will become routine, even mandatory, degrading a proud nation as well.

15 thoughts on “Video || Senior congressional Democrats kneel for George Floyd”

  1. How-the-hell did Nancy ‘walking stroke’ Pelosi get down on one knee…and how to she get back up without tilting over?

    1. I just heard that the colorful scarf or partial blanket around their shoulders is a Kente cloth, representing some country across the sea. Too bad they did not choose the thin blue line police flag to honor our law enforcement officers. Oh, I forgot— they do not want to honor those who protect us.
      These leaders are “ showing their true colors,” and that is not red, white and blue! “Kneel at the Cross, Christ will meet you there…”. He is our only Redeemer—the Son of God.

  2. Obama started the bowing trend that’s been embraced by Democrats ever since. Man should only bow before God, but the Democrats kicked The Almighty from their platform.

  3. Progs are furious because they wore Kente cloth, which I guess we should all know is not “African,” but a part of Ghana’s culture.

    This is an embarrassing spectacle. Makes me nearly forget about Ice Cream Antoinette ripping up the President’s State of the Union Address.

    1. Evil anti-American Globalist Jackals and Scam Artists Harridan-Hag Junkie Nancy Pelosi and Smarmy Crying Chuck Schumer along with their radical MSM Pravda propagandist apparatchiks talked the U.S. market down > 20-30%, but it is rebounding with new vitality under the tutelage of President Donald J Trump. The nCoV-2019 (“COVID-19”) severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV-2 and worldwide pandemic lockdown panic-porn hysteria will eventually be behind us. Meanwhile, Mussolini Pelosi’s Congressional District, and most democRAT-run districts, becoming viral cesspools.

  4. Sickening. Disgusting. But it’s really all Democrats have; street theater and performance art. I think that everything they do fits this description. Unfortunately, roughly half the country seems to buy what they’re peddling thanks to their public relations team…NYT, WaPo, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC.

  5. A tacky display of total un professionalism and immaturity. That would have been the perfect time to go around and give every one of these un-anti-America-hating losers a much-needed good swift kick in their sorry ass.

  6. Disgusting display ! Where are the bows, and respect for those who lost their lives in the process of protecting others as a result of the protest. As well as for those who lost their livelihood and properties. Mr. Floyd death was a tragedy and should of never happened, however he was not protecting others nor was he victim of vandalism. He was in the process of purchasing cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill.

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