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Video || Mitt Romney Marches in DC, Says “Black Lives Matter”

Well, I doubt he did any looting, at least. He has enough money that he doesn’t need to walk out of Best Buy with a flat-screen TV, anyway.

The man just never will forgive Donald Trump for winning the office he thought was rightfully his. Unless,, of course, Trump offers to make him secretary of state.

I guess his refusal to vote for Trump means, though, that he has forgiven Joe Biden for saying to a mostly black audience during the 2012 campaign that Romney wanted to “put y’all back in chains.”

I mean, if true, that would have suggested he thinks black lives don’t matter.

9 thoughts on “Video || Mitt Romney Marches in DC, Says “Black Lives Matter””

  1. It would mean so much more if Mitt, and all the virtue signalers, would march down the killing streets of Chicago, Oakland, Philadelphia, etc.
    Maybe the BLM people would have more credibility if they protested outside every Planned Parenthood clinic in the inner cities.

    Me?, I think all lives matter.

    1. Spot On!
      Where is all the “BLM” outrage over Black-On-Black murders that happen everyday in US cities-ghettos?

  2. Trump with triangulate…. from BLM to All BLM…. and will have the democrats losing their grip on the urban areas..

    In the end, there will be a pressure to make the shift… it will happen.. and Trump will win more people over to his side.

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