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Live Stream || Protestors Outside the White House

This camera is situated over 16th street just north of Lafayette Park. Protesters appear to be barred from entering the block-long park, which is just north of the White House.

4 thoughts on “Live Stream || Protestors Outside the White House”

  1. I for one will be ecstatic once this canonization of Floyd is over.
    Maybe he should be put on display in one of those mausoleum glass coffins like Mao, Lenin, and Kim’s daddy.
    That way the social justice arsonist and looters can take a knee and pay homage.

    1. …and I luv reading his extensive “criminal record & jail time” (thanks to who posted on WHD here in Comments) everything from cocaine position to counterfeit $20 to violent B&E.

      Enough of this ‘he was saint’ crap.

  2. ck out Candace Owens last clip where she unravels the myth surrounding Floyd. Indeed the man did not deserve what happened and justice will be served, but George Floyd was no choir boy.


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