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Video || Trump: Jobs Report Shows “We’re Opening with a Bang”

The May jobs report came in much better than expected Friday, with the unemployment rate actually dipping from 14.7% to 13.3%, with 2.5 million jobs gained.

Analysts had expected 8 million jobs lost and an unemployment rate on the order of 20%. Which says a lot about the “science” of economics.

Trump immediately scheduled a Rose Garden press conference to tout the gains.

3 thoughts on “Video || Trump: Jobs Report Shows “We’re Opening with a Bang””

  1. The Dems’ worst nightmare…by the time we get to the fall, things will look even better.

    So, what’s next? Covid didn’t destroy everything…neither did the multi-city riots. I’m sure the Dems are crossing their fingers for that “expected” second wave of the virus, or conjuring up something else.

  2. Dow up 800 points to over 27,000 today. 3% up. NASDAQ is almost at an all time high. Drudge reports Trump’s approval rate is at 38%. They have become very negative toward Trump. It is a long way till November.

  3. Keith — In a time like this, I found your comments on the science of economics to be extremely anti-economics-is-a-science! Are you a denier of the laws of supply and demand?!?!?! How insulting!

    The science of economics is settled. Please. It is real.

    What you failed to understand there is the people that got it wrong were government analysts — sort of like a few famous government doctors that got it wrong —

    In the real world, economists get it right — and if they don’t the gods of economics punish them accordingly.

    PS – I was not offended, btw — and if I were I think you would be fine in calling me a snowflake. You have the right in a public forum to say what you want, I have no right to not be offended.

    On an unrelated note…. Today, 76 years after D-Day is a real test of our system in the nation’s capital — to Keith and others around there — I hope you can remember this day as one where freedom and liberty and protection of private property and the rule of law prevailed.

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