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Trump Reducing Troop Levels in Germany

I guess that’s one way to get Germany to pay for its defense.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

President Trump has directed the Pentagon to remove thousands of U.S. troops from Germany by September, U.S. government officials said Friday.

The move would reduce the U.S. troop presence in Germany by 9,500 troops from the 34,500 troops that are permanently assigned there.

The move also caps the number of U.S. service members who are in Germany at any one time at the 25,000-troop level. Under current practice, overall troop levels can rise to as high as 52,000 as units rotate in and out or take part in training exercises.

The change was ordered by the White House in a memorandum signed recently by White House National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, the officials said Friday.

One person familiar with the decision said that it has been under discussion within the administration since September and not linked to the decision by German Chancellor Angela Merkel not to attend a G-7 meeting that Mr. Trump was to host in Washington at the end of June.

But it comes amid sharp strains in U.S. relations with Germany, including over Germany’s level of military spending.

4 thoughts on “Trump Reducing Troop Levels in Germany”

  1. Attention freeloading nations.
    Accounts are being reviewed.
    Cancellations to follow.
    Ms. Merkel.
    harte Scheibe
    Auf wiedersehen

      1. Uncle Sam sent me to Germany (Berlin) for two years and I had the best tour ever there. But that was long ago. Time for Germany to stop sponging off the US and pay for its own security.

  2. Germany, France and other European countries are building an EU military alliance. Then they’ll say to the U.S. “ok, we’ve got it, you can go home now”. Then Germany will be in charge again, but this time they’ll have stealth bombers and nuclear weapons and a world-class economy.
    Does anyone think that is a good idea?
    President Trump is, inadvertently, facilitating this. The last thing he should be doing is pulling troops out of Germany. He’s not punishing Germany, he’s weakening the U.S. by giving Germany a perfect excuse to launch a massive rearmament.

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