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Former Hillary Clinton spokesman calls for defunding the police

Hillary Clinton 2016 press secretary Brian Fallon says he wants to defund the police!

And he states it so succinctly! No ambiguity or messing around here.

Brian doesn’t want to defund the police. He’s just virtue signalling. None of these Democrats want to defund the police, except the truly hardcore types. I mean, who would help them if someone stole their bags coming out of Whole Foods?

The scarier thing is that mainstream Democrats are now kowtowing to the extreme Left. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the most powerful people in the country. Things are becoming pretty damn Orwellian.

1 thought on “Former Hillary Clinton spokesman calls for defunding the police”

  1. To Mr Fallon: I drive by the Clinton residence in Chappaqua all the time. When they remove the big black security guard Chev Suburbans parked in front of their house, remove the high fences, and then turn off the home alarm system, you will have my attention.
    Until then, be peaceful, shut your mouth with your ridiculous statements….


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