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Trump Denies He Fled to the White House Bunker During Protests

President Trump Wednesday denied that he hid out in the White House underground bunker as protests raged outside Friday night, saying that in fact he had gone down earlier in the day for a brief time to inspect the area.

3 thoughts on “Trump Denies He Fled to the White House Bunker During Protests”

    1. Thank you for saying that. If similar circumstances happened under Obama’s watch, he would have been forcefully taken into the same bunker for his safety, with the exception that the media wouldn’t have called him a coward like they’re doing to President Trump. In fact I can picture Trump giving the Secret Service an argument about going down there.

  1. Let’s be clear here: A unruly gang of rioters are trying to gain access to the White HoIuse. The security forces protecting the White House and the POTUS are being attacked by the rioters and more than a few are seriously injured.
    If PresTrump was escorted into the safety of a bunker, he would not be the first POTUS to go there in times of uncertainty.
    Our biased and hatefilled media overlooks or ignores the true intent of the rioters that night – to damage the White House and probably it’s residents.

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