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Video || The Mainstream Media defends the rioters

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  1. Okay, I couldn’t sleep tonight. So, I did a little poking around to see what data, if any, there is to justify the current wave of terroristic rioting.

    Found an interesting report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Came out last year, well before any of the current insanity, and in, all things considered, a relatively quiet current events cycle, Pencil-Neck’s perfidious performance pieces notwithstanding.

    Anyway, the report looked at a three-month period between June and August of 2015. Nationwide, there were 248 arrest-related homicides. And note well: that number includes justifiable homicides, as well. Of those, 159 were white, and only 60 were black. Again, that is nationwide.

    For perspective, there were 8,825,789 arrests made by law enforcement agencies, nationwide, in 2015, not counting traffic citations. Of those, 2,363,526 were of black offenders. Arrests tend to go up in warmer weather, so for three months in summer, I would say 2.4 million (all races) and 600,000 (black only) should be good estimates.

    This is why our cities are burning? Because roughly 1 out of every TEN. THOUSAND. ARRESTS. of black Americans, ends in tragedy?

    Even more: during the same three-month period in 2015, there were 108 black homicide victims in Baltimore, Maryland, alone. This was right after the Freddie Gray riots, so those numbers would have been artificially high. Still, for June through August of 2019, Baltimore still managed 103 black homicide victims, without a national cause célèbre to goose the numbers.

    Either way: for the same time period, there were 108 black homicide victims in one random American city, compared to 60 arrest-related black homicides, nationwide. I repeat: this is why our cities are burning?

    The world has truly gone mad! So much for me getting any more sleep tonight…

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