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Video || Biden accuses Trump of “hate” and racism

Vice President Biden portrayed himself as someone who could heal the country’s wounds – while saying President Trump was dividing the country with his racism, “hate,” and “narcisism.”

Rarely has a presidential candidate used such inflammatory rhetoric, all while preaching tolerance and unity. He has to understand that he is also implicating the nearly half of Americans who support the president.

“The president held up the Bible at Stl John’s Church yestesrday. I just wish he opend it once in a while,” Biden said during an appearance in Philadelphia. “I wish I could say that hate began with Donald Trump and will end with him. It didn’t, and it won’t. American history isn’t a fairy tale with a guaranteed happy ending. The battle for the soul of this nation and been a constant push and pull for more than 240 years, a tug of war between teh Americna ideal, and the ahrsh reality that racism has long torn us apart.”

9 thoughts on “Video || Biden accuses Trump of “hate” and racism”

  1. So…I was accused of being a “racist” for 8 years because I opposed Barack Hussein Obama’s incompetent regime…then I was quietly called a “racist” for voting for Pres Trump…now I am a “racist” again because I support police, a strong law & order response to crush these riots-terrorist-America hating anarchists in the city streets.

    I am so sick of this all crap with these hypocrite a##hole liberal-progressive-socialist/communist Democrat politicians :-[

  2. 1973……… Joe Biden gets to the US Senate…
    2009…….. Joe Biden – VP of US
    2020………Give Joe Biden the presidency so he can fix what has been wrong for so long….

    From 1973 to 2017 he had the chance to make a difference — Let him run in 2024 — AFTER Trump fixes things for Joe…..

    And now… I will go where no one seems to go because it is too delicate or something…… So I dare call the baby ‘ugly’ or whatever the phrase is…

    On the death of Mr. Floyd — what happened to this human is terrible beyond words….AND… while the facts are clear that the person with the knee to the neck is white and the person being choked was black… do we know that the reason that he was chocked was because the white man hated black people? Or was he prejudiced to think that Mr Floyd’s skin color impacted the cop’s thinking? Might be. Could be. Might likely be. Could it also be that the cop was an idiot. Poorly trained. Could it be that Mr. Floyd was a big man or something else? Of course.

    Politicians — not leaders — not civil servants — politicians will let the narrative be about race. It is about inhumanity. Inhumanity… from the word ‘human’…. A human life.

    Opiods, alcohol, suicide, gang violence — so much more that impacts people — race is the easy — it is for the intellectually lazy to go to the race card.

    This death — murder of some sort — may be race related. Might not. Let’s find out before we riot, er, protest (peacefully). Of course, it is too late for that. The politicians let it happen because they know people are idiots.

    1. Mark, you ask the same question I have been asking about the cop at the crux of this. I would think, since he had racked up 10 complaints already, if there had been a pattern of racism in those complaints, we certainly would have heard it by now. You’re exactly right. Racism is always the easy way out.

  3. Frederick Tomlinson

    He had drugs in his system including fentanyl at the time of death. I read a thread on twitterfrom the man who “invented” wikipedia, Larry Sanger, and the woman who ran the club that both Floyd and Chauvin worked at also had a radio station. Coincidentally the same radio station burned down last week before all of this kicked off. That’s a mighty coincidence. I suggest the police go and have a word with her. The station was La Raza 95.7 FM. She’s called Maya Santamaria.

  4. Biden’s comments are more of the same-same….
    Few commentators really understand the underlying motive and operations that have kept African Americans from rising above adversity… Candace Owens is one. The DNC is once again doing what they do best…luring in the minority vote and then, once in office, turning their back on those same folks. When will they learn….

  5. Wonder if Sleepy Slimey Joe will be attending David Dorn’s funeral? Nah, doesn’t fit the narrative. Floyd’s family should tell Biden to stay the hell away.

  6. Joe Biden — talking about healing and bibles and race — this is the slippery political windbag who can’t take communion in his church because of his support for abortion. Lying POS, so he is.

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