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Video || Protests and Fires Near the White House

Protestors were kept a block away from the White House Sunday night, forced to rampage on the other side of Lafayette Park from the building.

So, the geniuses decided to light a couple of fires, burning a church and a restroom.

In the first video, you see the restroom in the park aflame, as well as a small bonfire. The second includes video of the basement of the church rectory.


1 thought on “Video || Protests and Fires Near the White House”

  1. THE WHITE HOUSE?!!!! Even BinLaden’s terrorists didn’t dare harm our White House. Thoughts of the deranged ISIS terrorists who thought blowing up or tearing down ancient artifacts or locations would win the hearts and minds of others, and their love of burning homes and businesses came to mind. It was frightening, scary, and the lack of police action made it worse.
    I recall an incident where a mentally challenged woman tried to drive through the WH gates and she was shot dead, in her car.
    ot: a little
    I caught a segment on a news channel made during the worst of the looting and rioting. About 20/30 men and women were standing in front of the door to a Target department store and wouldn’t let anyone breach it. While the camera panned the group they started chanting “USA USA..” and I had was reassured that we will get through this.

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