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Trump to Governors: “Most of you are weak”

According to the Associated Press:

President Donald Trump is telling the nation’s governors that most of them are “weak” and calling for tougher crackdowns on violence as protests rage across the nation.

Trump is speaking to governors on a video teleconference with law enforcement and national security officials.

He’s telling them they “have to get much tougher” amid nationwide protests and criticizing their responses, saying: “Most of you are weak.”

And he’s chastising them for failing to use the National Guard more aggressively, saying they’re making themselves “look like fools.”

White House Dossier has obtained this exclusive video of Trump addressing the governors:

3 thoughts on “Trump to Governors: “Most of you are weak””

  1. Hard to hear the truth. President Trump certainly doesn’t hold back. Looters and those causing damage don’t deserve to not be arrested and prosecuted and yes serve time. NOTHING they are doing is justified by what happened to Mr. Floyd and others . You can’t allow Police precincts to be taken over, businesses to be destroyed, monuments to be defaced. The list is too long. I can’t believe a majority of any peaceful protestors condoning what is happening. Our office is closed today because of anticipated protests and possible looting. Daughter was told not to go to office today. So now we can’t do our jobs. It stinks

  2. HaHaHa at the movie clip! It makes a good point: even though we elect leaders in peaceable times, they must still be leaders who can command, who will make hard decsions without regard to the politics behind it, and who can exert their will upon the populace. Many blue-state governors look like immature weaklings when faced with insurrection.

    And insurrection is what a riot is. Regardless of the cause, regardless of who is rioting, it is an act of war. How DARE any governor or mayor or police chief allow ANY mob to destroy property and injure innocent people with impugnity. That is not governance – that is simpering appeasement. These same governors and mayors were just last week sending the jackboots after people who never threatened or harmed anyone: for having funerals, for trying to go to work.

    These quislings have sent a message loud and clear: to normal people they are saying “you are no threat to the safety of police so we will bully and brutalize you for imagined crimes just because we want to.’
    And to the organized professional army of destruction they are saying “we are on your side and as long as you don’t come to our houses you can destroy or steal. If anyone tries to stop you, we will arrest them because they are not a threat like you are.”

    How many people know that looters were SHOT in the act as recently as ten years ago? The arson and wanton destruction these mobs are committing is far worse. These quislings on government payrolls are criminal if they allow riots to go unanswered immediately.

    Throughout these protests and riots, Donald Trump once again models how a good father disciplines his children: first giving them opportunity to handle problems themselves, then offering help if they need it, advising them if they are floundering, and finally “reading them the riot act” (LOL) when they refuse advice, refuse help, and refuse to do anything to solve their problem.

  3. I’ve been a productive, tax-paying (recently paying A LOT) member of US civilization for a while, and seeing private property vandalized, looted, and destroyed while the police watch from the sidelines is just not acceptable. We pay the government to provide a police force to protect against law-breakers like these scum-bags. Now protect!!

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