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Welcome to the new White House Dossier

Welcome to White House Dossier’s new look. I hope you enjoy it.

Not much has changed functionally. The comments are a little different, but they are going to be revised. A few other changes are likely. Please tell me what you think, and let me know about any problems. These will be inevitable with a newly built and designed website, so thank you for your patience.



13 thoughts on “Welcome to the new White House Dossier”

  1. I love the design and layout. It may be the first “new website” I’ve ever seen that didn’t turn the site into a hash that I needed a map to find my way around. Thank you for keeping it readable, and friendly to the person who wants to read the articles.

    A very attractive and usable site for me. I am on the Ubuntu machine right now, with Firefox. I will check with Windows 10 and Chrome tonight. I don’t use a smart phone. All the links to the categories work. Neat and clean and fast-loading on our rural connection. :-)

  2. The new site looks great! Just one request from a long-time follower: Please change the name of your blog! If it matched the web site it wouldn’t matter who was the president. Thanks!

  3. Well, it is quick to load, I do have to give it that. And since sleek minimalism seems to be de rigeur in web design these days, I…suppose a new look was due?

    Don’t mind me: I just tend to take refuge in the familiar, that’s all. And there’s just…been an awful lot of “unfamiliar” going on this past week, you know?

    It’s not you, it’s me. Watching so much of DC, which I once thought of as home, being plundered by the barbarians…it was just one hell of a sucker punch.

    Keith, you are staying safe, right?

    1. Thanks Darkangel, staying safe, yes. And I do understand that a new site takes some getting used to. Hopefuly it will become familiar soon, without the problems of the old site, although I am still working out a couple of things.

  4. Clean, easy to navigate, no clutter, much-o “breathing” space, like the splash of color(blue) and the font chosen for the heads. All-round good job, KK — no superfluous flummery!

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