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Trump Theatens to Shut Down Social Media Companies

With Twitter now “fact checking” his tweets, President Trump took to social media to theaten to shut down social media platforms.

These companies are monopolies run by liberals. They now operate as public trusts in that they are singular conduits of speech. By choosing to arbitrate speech, they are inviting regulation.

Trump has a point. At least in the media, there is some competition with the arrival of Fox News, though the liberals still dominate. Social media platforms have too much power to lean to the left or right and start censoring ideas.

2 thoughts on “Trump Theatens to Shut Down Social Media Companies”

  1. Do it. If a enterprise invites all people to comment, then their ‘right’ to censor or ban certain speech is a Constitutional violation.
    No business can legally refuse to hire on the basis of sex or race or even political/religious reasons. Social media enterprises must allow anyone to participate without censure, unless of course their speech is contrary to settled law.
    IMO. Do it.

  2. As a former photo-journalist, I believe that when someone sends you an e-mail or a letter, it becomes your property and can be quoted from with impunity. The fact that it left the senders hands and arrives in yours, is certainly a point for possession in the law.

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