In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


It is Memorial Day. Please Don’t Forget to Remember.

I hardly have to say this to my readers, who are great Americans who understand the wonder of this country that God has bestowed upon us.

But I want to remind everyone anyway. Take some time today to honor the heroes who died to make this nation.

I read a lot of history. This nation, like all the great nations, has been built on the blood our heroes, and the tears of their families, friends and comrades. It is an inescable truth. Nations are created and then defended by war. Ruthless, vicious, unimaginable violence. But not senseless violence. Because the wars that created this country and kept it what is it make sense. And our heroes did not die in vain.

They sacrificed so that we may live in freedom and prosper. They missed out on most of their lives, lives that no doubt would have spread love, created jobs, sustained those less fortunate, and provided greater service to our country. Killed in action somehwere no doubt was a future president. None of our presidents since George H.W. Bush have seen combat. Since then, those who avoided the sound of bullets flying overhead lived went on to lead, while greater men and women perished.

Take a little while to remember. If you are not thinking of your own loved ones, call someone who lost one of their dearest to the violence of the enemy. Or just find, through the miracle of the internet, a name of someone from any of our wars, even as far back to the Revolutionary War, who has been completely forgotten. And give him the honor of a having an unexpected moment of remembrance. Perhaps he is in heaven, and he will know.

Thank you to all who have served, and today, especially to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Memorial Day is a day when we both remember their deaths, and through celebration, enjoy the great nation they secured for us. On this particular Memorial Day, with disease all around us, the celebration doesn’t come so easily. So maybe there is more time simply to remember and honor our dead.


6 thoughts on “It is Memorial Day. Please Don’t Forget to Remember.”

  1. Wonderfully said, Keith. My mom’s brother was killed in World War II, twenty years before I was born.

    Even though my mom and her sisters are gone now (as is everyone from that generation in my family), today is always a special day to remember him for myself, my two brothers and his daughter (who sadly never knew him).

  2. My brother was a Navy Seabee and was lost on the first day of the Tet Offensive in Vietnam. I never forget about what Memorial represents. I wish and hope others will do the same. Great article by Keith.

  3. Today more than ever we MUST remember the magnitude of the sacrifices made by so many. We should honor that sacrifice by working hard to keep our nation free.

  4. Our mom gave birth to our oldest sister during WWII not knowing at the time her husband had been killed. Our dad adopted her when he and our mom married. Our dad was a pilot in the Air Force and flew in the Berlin Airlift. We have a great respect for those who sacrificed for the good of all.

  5. A beautiful article, Keith.

    Mr Pibb, Jen, and Wendy, thank you for sharing your heroes with us.

    God bless them all, and those who love them.

  6. My dad was USMC, and served his country until the day he died a few short years ago. He gave me a respect for the sacrifices so many made for our freedom. He was a good Marine, and a good man.

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