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Trump Campaign Immediately Capitalizes on Biden “You Ain’t Black” Remark

The Trump campaign is not going to let Joe Biden or voters forget his remark today that if you vote for Trump over him, “You ain’t black.”

The comment perfectly encapsulates white liberal presumptuousness and condescension toward blacks.

Biden will pay for this self-revealing comment. And if he wants, he can also pay for a T-shirt off the Trump website.

11 thoughts on “Trump Campaign Immediately Capitalizes on Biden “You Ain’t Black” Remark”

  1. Joe.
    It’s y’all ain’t black.
    You have the fake accent, shouldn’t be a problem.
    Next time try Hillary’s gimmick and pull out a bottle of hot sauce.

      1. Obama would “drop his g’s” when speakin’ to black folks…for example:

        “When you’re out their livin’ your life every day, you can’t help thinkin’ about what the Republicans are doin’ to keep you down.”

        It was nauseatin’.

  2. The web was full of outrage yesterday, due to Biden’s disgraceful remark. I wonder how many black Americans have changed their minds about who they’re voting for President this time around?

  3. I have a dream that All Americans – regardless of the color of their skin — will decide to vote for the person(s) based on the content of the ideas presented and not on the political party affiliation….

    And really — with social media and other media — Americans are seeing people that ‘look like them’ speaking out on issues on both sides and I think they will continue to have the race matter less and less over time.

    So…. Trump will continue to pick up votes from people that do not ‘look like him’ because there will be people out there touting his successes with
    Prison reform
    Employment (first time bringing it up and now will again)
    Ripping on failed Democrat policies

    Now… remember — Getting a 10% increase in black votes in South Carolina or New York is not going to be a difference maker… Getting more black votes in these places — among others — will be a big deal

    Wisconsin (Milwaukee area)
    Michigan (Detroit area)
    Pennsylvania (Philly area)
    Florida (several areas)
    North Carolina (several areas)

    And also to firm up or take out of play places like Ohio or Georgia….

    Trump has the Democrats already worried about holding the line on the black vote so this is the first of many forced errors that you will see from the left.

    1. Thank you for making this great point Mark. I have a dream that one day this nation will get over identity politics.

      In the category of Great Minds think alike, from an opinion piece I published in the Washington Examiner:

      “In several swing states with average-to-high percentages of black voters, including Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, even small defections of black voters from the Democrats would help solidify Trump’s 2016 advantage and perhaps even allow him to threaten in Virginia, where he lost to Hillary Clinton by just 5.4 points.”

      This is the full piece —

      Kanye West is the sound of opportunity rapping — if only the GOP would listen

      1. There are people aside from politicians who stay in power through identity politics — the self-appointed spokespersons and community leaders.

        They push the idea that “their’ group will always be separate and needs to be antagonistic toward everyone else. Oh, and constantly demanding goodies for their people alone.

        Tribalism — I fear it will intensify.

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